Dear Christle Lighthouse, at the time I was about six months pregnant and trying to find housing. I was searching online for  resources to help assist me in my time of need. I found a website called the Gabrielle Project which had a link to  Christle Lighthouse. When I first called Christle Lighthouse, I spoke with a volunteer over the phone named Mrs. Tina. I explained my situation and Mrs. Tina comforted me and gave me hope. The hope she encouraged me with (God's Word) filled me up when I felt complete emptiness. When I felt no one else cared she did. I never felt judged or criticized. She was there to comfort me through my pregnancy and the trials that I was facing. I cannot forget about that moment Mrs. Tina took the time to visit and pray with me and family on the day my child was born, that was a ture act of kindness. Along with baby clothes and baby items, I was also assisted with help in writihng my 1st published book. I appreciate the many prayers and comforting words that Christile Lighthouse offers me. I am continually helped with my walk with Christ. It is such a blessing to have a pregnancy care center that help people and Change Lives in the process.

Being 19 years old and pregnant for the 3rd time. I found myself in a bind. I tried to terminate my pregnancy and was even given referral for abortion clinics. In pursuit of an abortion. I tried  a  familiar place that no longer existed. I was led to another place, unknown to what the outcome would be. Satan tried and tried , but I was led to the right place. He tried his best, but  God prevailed.

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Today I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior, in my heart and in my life. I will live for God because He died for me. Leslie

My name is Kimberly and I'm a mother of two girls and expecting a baby now. I was a teenage mother the grace of God I can provide for them and be a respectable mother and example for them to look p to. I went through so many changes when everyone found out I was pregnant, not only my family, but society One thing I remember was even though I was made a mistake, I asked God for forgiveness and for strength to help me through this time. Always remember, Jesus loves you and can help you through anything.    Kimberly

The Christle Lighthouse has an extremely comfortable environment of one-on-one personal counseling. After receiving notification of the status of being pregnant or not, the Counselor helped me to understand that my body is the temple of God and that I should not abuse it in such a manner. Personally, it was refreshing to know that in a world of sin, there are still angels.    LNJ

Bernard and Rhonda Joseph are the proud parents of Bernard II. Rhonda say, "If God  loves you enough to trust you with His precious gifts, a baby; Love and trust Him enough to know He will provide everything necessary to use your miraculous gift to His Glory!"